When Salt Therapy meets Print & Design

At Millfield Media Print and Design we get to work with a lot of different and varied businesses. so when I was asked to go and visit a client who was creating a Salt Room just outside Alnwick in Northumberland I jumped at the chance to learn what it was all about 

As a business owner we often neglect ourselves and never take the time to look after our own  wellbeing. We live such busy and demanding lives.

Particularly in this day and age we are all consumed by social media and sitting at desks looking at computers much of the time.

If a business is at the start of their journey they will need help with logos and branding, maybe needing some indoor or outdoor signage for their premises or help to design and print leaflets, business cards, price lists etc. 

Sometimes their marketing collateral and social media branding needs a refresh or an update to keep their branding consistent. across all platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

It was at the start of their journey that we met the amazing people behind Halo Retreat 

Amanda Popely and Sean Monaghan had a long term vision which was  in their own words to  ” create a retreat that allows all who enter the space to embody and embrace all aspects of self, taking you into a remembrance of self love” so you can benefit from halotherapy.

This amazing tranquil place allows the mind and body to benefit from salt therapy sessions. In my opinion it does exactly that !

I visited last week and I have to say it is the most relaxing place I have ever been.

After discussing their printing collateral and various social media strategies I couldn’t wait to get into the room itself. 

We entered the Salt Room and made ourselves comfortable, this is where the micro-particles of salt were introduced into the air.

The room is temperature controlled because it has to replicate a salt mine.

I was even given a blanket on a lovely comfy chair and just enjoyed the moment of being in an amazing environment while benefiting from the cleansing aspect of the salt. 

Halotherapy helps by removing toxins from your respiratory system, which in turn improves how things function as it also boosts your immune system. 

The time no matter how long you spend there,  is totally geared to help you unwind without noise or mobile phones interrupting you while benefiting from the tranquil surrounds and inhaling the Salt Therapy. 

They encourage you to practice meditation to be in the moment and enjoy every minute.  

They have other rooms too, which is great for a day retreat if you are looking to go with friends.

Their Zen Den is amazing. The beautiful space just makes you feel calm and relaxed.

They have a spiritual retreat room where you can begin your soul journey surrounded by the himalayan salt minerals.

The Chakra Bar is a lovely chill out space. equally Where you can drink their herbal teamocktails, or shots.

Your own personal health and wellbeing is so important and its the first thing we all neglect.

I strongly recommend you visit this amazing little haven and re-charge your batteries. 

You will be so thankful you did.