Signage Boards

Aluminium Composite Signs (Dibond)

For robust signs that you want to last outdoors as well as look sleek and professional, it has to be Aluminium Composite. This strong display material is surprisingly lightweight and is designed for more permanent fittings. You can select for drilled holes in each corner to make your sign easier to fix to walls.

Branded Estate agent Boards

Famously popular among estate agents as ‘For Sale’ signs, Correx is a fluted polypropylene plastic board. This lightweight, waterproof display material is a brilliant, cost-effective choice for temporary fixtures – indoor or outdoor.

Available in A1, A2, A3 sizes

Display Boards

Looking for something for your client’s next point-of-sale project? Display Boards offer you a simple, cost-effective solution to any indoor displays. At 2000mic, our display boards are sturdy but light enough to have no trouble being fixed to most surfaces.

White Marker Boards

Create bespoke whiteboard displays for your clients with our 440mic Staufen boards. These can be written on using dry wipe pens and then cleared with a cloth, making them perfect for score boards, to-do lists, or tracking team targets.

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