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How to use the LinkedIn Bar Code

Free LinkedIn QR Code

At Millfield Media we know how busy life is, juggling meetings with work. We were delighted to learn something so simple and so beneficial to our business so we knew it should be shared with like minded people l

I am the Marketing Director so when I  attended a networking meeting  I was absolutely super impressed by this FREE and easy to use functionality that not many people know about…

As a small business I regularly have networking meetings and like to be organised to meet people and contact with them instantly. This is a super fast really impressive way to meet potential clients. One of the most amazingly inspiring and talented ladies who taught me this trick was Ann English from Create Intrigue. 

As we were all passing our business cards to each other, which being in the print and design business is the highlight of my day, Ann showed us how to link in via our phones using the QR code.

In case your wondering QR codes, means “quick response” codes, and they certainly are quick !

They are now an integral part of business life, I personally always look out for the  square-shaped black-and-white symbols that allows you to scan using a smartphone, which is an instant contact with the person or business/website as it literally takes seconds.

So, I got thinking, whenever you meet someone at a networking event you take their business card, but you dont always go straight onto LinkedIn and send them a request, which is a wasted opportunity for you both.

So easy to do from your smart phone (If I can do it anyone can) that I wanted to share this function

*Open the linkedin app on your mobile phone

*Go onto your linkedIn profile

*Next to your search bar there are four little squares


*Tap the squares which bring up the options to scan (default option) or get my code 

Please connect with me on LinkedIn
(if someone has there code up you basically place the box over their code and it automatically takes you to their profile.

If you choose my code, your Name, Title and bar code is shown and they have to scan your code.

So quick and useful as your taken straight to their profile so you can connect immediately. 

This is so helpful particularly if someone has an unusual surname that is difficult to spell or a more common surname which prevents you have to scroll down a list to find them.

I just wanted to share this amazing networking tool and would like to thank Ann English once again for bringing this to our attention