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Banners for exhibitions – Stand out from the crowd with our affordable solutions for your business needs

Our Roller Banners are an affordable solution and are currently being used for advising the public about the Social Distancing measures they need to abide by during this  Covid-19 pandemic.

At Millfield Media we offer a variety of Roller Banners to help you inform your customers about the social distancing advice. These come fully branded with your own advice and guidance.

We are also branding Transparent Roller Banners which are ideal for Beauty Salons and Hairdressers.

All our Roller Banner come with a FREE Carry Case . They are extremely portable, and easy to erect

If you are you are looking for cost effective print solutions  you are in the right place.

Not only are Roller Banners great for informing your customers, they are an essential marketing collateral for exhibitions. They are an instant solution if you are looking for a quick option and can be moved round quickly and easily.

Pop Up Banners are ideal for using as a backdrop in your office environment.

So, if for example you do a lot of telephone conferencing your brand is visible to your customers who can see your office. Particularly now with all the virtual Zoom meetings theat are taking place.

Like wise if your office has a reception area where your customers sit they are a great addition.

Our banners are designed in house, our designers work with your branding colours, using our RGB colour experience, so we can promise that they are beautifully printed in your branding colours, which will help to attract attention at your exhibition

Although our prices vary, they are based on the sizes.

We can assure you that all sizes look professional, if using images we will ensure that your photo or image when increased in size is not grainy, blurry, or pixelated.

While low resolution images might look fine on your laptop or PC, depending on how large you increase them for your printed book, they may not print well. We will ensure your images are perfect for your banner.

You just need to decide which banner suits your needs and budget for the event you are attending.

Let us provide you with a FREE no obligation quotation.

What type of quality are the Roller Banners?

  • All our Roller Banners are amazing quality and printed on superb material that will stand the test of time.
  • They are printed on anti-scratch material which has a grey back for total opacity to reduce glare.
  • They are tear resistant  
  • They are held in place with an easy to assemble sturdy aluminium frame.
  • They all come with a luxury padded carry case for easy storage and transportation.

What size are the Roller Banners?

  • All banners are 2 metres high
  • There is a choice of sizes:   with a choice of widths  800mm, 850mm, 1000mm, 1200mm 1500mm wide or 2410mm

Which types of Roller Banners are suitable for my business?

It really depends on your requirements the type of your business, your budget and the message you want to convey.

  • Classic Roller Banners are will suffice is you have a small marketing budget without looking cheap.
  • Transparent Roller Banners are branded for your business and are printed on anti-scratch transparent vinyl material which is held in place with a sturdy, easy to assemble aluminium frame.
  • Premium Roller Banners superb quality and is self-stabilising! There is no visible feet you get a very sleek stylish design that screams luxurious brand.
  • Double sided Roller Banners are amazing if you got different messages you want to convey different messages and need to catch customers from all directions these will be ideal for your business.

We also offer a replacement graphic service.

If you just want to update a product or service for a specific exhibition with a graphic rather than replacing the whole system, we can help you with that too. Contact us for a FREE no obligation to discuss your needs and budget.