How to get verified on Twitter ?

How do you get verified on Twitter ?

Twitter is a unique platform and is one of the best places to meet entrepreneurs, big brands, small local business, your competitors, ordinary people and celebrities to name a view.

You can communicate, complain, flirt and sell your services. I love it.

Although a lot of Businesses use Facebook and Google to market their business we absolutely believe that using Twitter will improve your search ranking .

Social media has this amazing ability to take normal people and thrust them into the lime light which allows interaction, and involvement with so many things, so what about the “little blue tick” ?

What does it means to your brand or business verified on Twitter ?

My first thought was there must be significant advantages for a business/brand to be Twitter verified and get that “little blue tick”

All you have to do is to be considered as “public interest” , well in my opinion it would give your customers trust in your brand.

I realise that you have to be giving a good service (which incidentally we are) to gain trust but put this with the verification and I think it will go a long way.

Now I do post on our business twitter a lot, real time and schedule, but this sometimes isn’t enough, as it is a fast paced environment.   I look to show people how to get the best out of it.

Millfield Media have over 5,000 followers and we do interact a lot, use hashtags and networking hours when time allows

In my opinion it not only increases the amount but more importantly the quality of your followers.

People buy from people they like, local businesses and from recommendations all of which you can do on twitter.

4 Easy Steps to get verified on Twitter

So this is going to be easy, or so I thought….All you have to do is to update your profile with your current relevant information

So I went through the process…

  • I completed my profile adding a profile picture, a cover photo, name, website, and a bio. Making sure your Bio is amazing, with key words. (I dont think mine is amazing by the way)
  • Added a verified phone number and confirmed my email address
  • Added my birthday (gutted i had to do this one)
  • Set my tweets to “public”

Then I go to twitter and fill out the verification form, and in 500 words tell them why I feel our business should be verified.

You have to list at least 2 online links to your social media channels so either choose a Website, Facebook LinkedIn profile, Google Plus or Instagram account etc. #

Its a maximum of 5 so I opted for the 5 (why wouldn´t you). Now I have done this process on 2 occasions and been unsuccessful.


 It won’t be available until further notice. Twitter is currently reviewing previous submissions of which mine isnt included. so I will wait till next time

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