When Salt Therapy meets Print & Design

At Millfield Media Print and Design we get to work with a lot of different and varied businesses. so when I was asked to go and visit a client who was creating a Salt Room just outside Alnwick in Northumberland I jumped at the chance to learn what it was all about 

As a business owner we often neglect ourselves and never take the time to look after our own  wellbeing. We live such busy and demanding lives.

Particularly in this day and age we are all consumed by social media and sitting at desks looking at computers much of the time.

If a business is at the start of their journey they will need help with logos and branding, maybe needing some indoor or outdoor signage for their premises or help to design and print leaflets, business cards, price lists etc. 

Sometimes their marketing collateral and social media branding needs a refresh or an update to keep their branding consistent. across all platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

It was at the start of their journey that we met the amazing people behind Halo Retreat 

Amanda Popely and Sean Monaghan had a long term vision which was  in their own words to  ” create a retreat that allows all who enter the space to embody and embrace all aspects of self, taking you into a remembrance of self love” so you can benefit from halotherapy.

This amazing tranquil place allows the mind and body to benefit from salt therapy sessions. In my opinion it does exactly that !

I visited last week and I have to say it is the most relaxing place I have ever been.

After discussing their printing collateral and various social media strategies I couldn’t wait to get into the room itself. 

We entered the Salt Room and made ourselves comfortable, this is where the micro-particles of salt were introduced into the air.

The room is temperature controlled because it has to replicate a salt mine.

I was even given a blanket on a lovely comfy chair and just enjoyed the moment of being in an amazing environment while benefiting from the cleansing aspect of the salt. 

Halotherapy helps by removing toxins from your respiratory system, which in turn improves how things function as it also boosts your immune system. 

The time no matter how long you spend there,  is totally geared to help you unwind without noise or mobile phones interrupting you while benefiting from the tranquil surrounds and inhaling the Salt Therapy. 

They encourage you to practice meditation to be in the moment and enjoy every minute.  

They have other rooms too, which is great for a day retreat if you are looking to go with friends.

Their Zen Den is amazing. The beautiful space just makes you feel calm and relaxed.

They have a spiritual retreat room where you can begin your soul journey surrounded by the himalayan salt minerals.

The Chakra Bar is a lovely chill out space. equally Where you can drink their herbal teamocktails, or shots.

Your own personal health and wellbeing is so important and its the first thing we all neglect.

I strongly recommend you visit this amazing little haven and re-charge your batteries. 

You will be so thankful you did. 


7 Best Business Card colours and their meanings

Business Cards that will get you noticed

How many different types of business cards have you had since your career started ?

At Millfield Media Print and Design we change our cards on a regular basis which is understandable because of the industry we are in.

Showcasing different business card paper is a must for us, as there are so many options for business card printing because of the different finishes and quality of paper.

Different colours react with different designs and paper types.

Your business card is a talking point and an important stepping stone to a potential client or collaborate.

Whether you are a business owner, an entrepreneur or starting a new job/career it’s a very important choice.

You have to remember it’s a first impression of who you are and the brand that you represent.

Creating an amazing business card is not as easy as you think.

Sometimes, you simply haven´t got the time which is why Graphic Design is integral to the process and a Designer can help you bring out your ideas.

Think to yourself how many business cards you have been given. 

How many have actually stood out and been memorable for whatever reason ?

Hold that thought ! Did you feel  “ooh this looks and feels fantastic”, and if not why not ?

If your card looks just like everyone else’s card, then chances are you have probably failed and you’re in the bin too.

So, in our opinion it is worth the time and effort to create an amazing Business Card Design.

Business Cards design that will get people talking 

Thinking about the colour, design and the texture will ensure you have a talking point that will catch people’s eyes, grab their attention and create a talking point.

Images are also a good way to get noticed, either a photo or an illustration or design if that’s your line of work.

Although white is standard, safe and used by many to fit into their business stationery and is an easy option. This is fine but to stand out choose a logo and colour for your brand that will distinguish you from all the others in your field.

Black and White signifies importance. Nike, BMW, Apple, Disney and Harley Davidson are the brand leaders in this field.

Do you want to make an amazing impression and to stand out from the crowd ?

Then we suggest that you try something really special and strengthen your brand credibility by adding silver or gold foiling or a Spot UV to your card which will give a wow factor and create a talking point.

Deciding where you put your logo is an crucial and another element to consider is the white space which is linked to sophistication .. less is more.

Business Card colours -what do they mean ?

Red is bold, daring and exciting so the market leaders that spring to mind are Virgin, Lego, Coca-cola, Nintendo, Red Bull.

Orange is confident, friendly and warm you think Fanta, MasterCard.

Blue is the signifies reliability, peaceful, confidence, and trust. NHS, Facebook, Twitter, Intel and Skype spring to mind as the leaders in this field.

Pink is usually for feminine, symbolising sensitivity and love.. Barbie and Victoria´s secret are brands that use pink

Yellow is sunshine, bright, happy and cheerful – Mcdonalds, Ikea, Post-it, Shell and Snapchat are a few that have opted for this colour.

Green represents balance, growth and nature. BP, Holiday Inn for example.

Purple cards suggest imagination, dreams and spirituality. People from the holistic sector usually prefer this colour. Cadbury and Hallmark are brands that spring to mind for this colour choice.

Now think about the shape, everyone has a rectangle, standard UK business card sizes are 55 x 85 , why? because they fit into a purse or wallet easily, but you want to be different right ?

Although Standard business card sizes tend to be a bit cheaper why not think about dye cut, square or mini business cards which will bring a different element to your design?

The shape of your business card should complement your brand and your business card maker can help you to achieve this.

Every detail from fonts/typography, which includes spacing between letters are an important factor to consider, do you go funky, traditional or elegant? Again, think of the message and your brand and choose wisely to compliment this.

Make sure the contact details are there relaying your key message, less is more.

They should be easy for people to contact you. Proof read all the time to check for spelling, phone numbers etc and then save in a format that is compatible for your printer.

Choosing the right colour for your business card then combining with a specific paper choice can mean you either stand out from the crowd or your card will just be put in a drawer and forgotten about.

We suggest you go for something different, perhaps a gloss, Spot UV or perhaps a decadent Foil finish,

Now you have got your colour and paper choice sorted … think about the shape !

Everyone has a rectangle business card because it is the standard size, why ? because they fit into a purse or wallet easily.

Standard business card sizes tend to be a bit cheaper why not think about dye cut, square or mini business cards which will bring a different element to your design ?

The shape and style of your business card should complement your brand.

Every detail from fonts/typography, which includes spacing between letters are an important factor to consider.

Do you go funky, traditional or elegant ? Again think of the message and your brand and choose wisely to compliment this.

Making sure all your contact details are there relaying your key message.

Proof read your Business Card all the time to check for spelling, phone numbers etc and then save in a format that is compatible for your printer.

So to recap, choose the right colour to compliment your brand, combine with a specific paper finish and shape to help you stand out from the crowd.

Why not order one of our business card sample pack to help you decide. Or contact me for a discussion direct

Colours for Business Cards

Customer Service – How important is it for your business?

Good Customer Service – Do you offer it as standard?

If you dont give your customers an amazing service, experience or journey and treat them with respect it will have a damaging impact on your brand.

So, in our opinion delivering exceptional customer service is an ideal way for a small business to differentiate your brand from the big guys and competitors and become one of your unique selling points.

Bad news travels fast, which is why Social Media can be both good and bad for your brand. Have you had a bad review ? and if so how did you deal with it ?

Examples of Good Customer Service

At Millfield Media,  our unique selling point is that we add a personal touch or go above and beyond what is expected, our reputation will go before us.

Exceeding Customer Expectations... is what we like to do. This can be as simple as telling them what day and time their delivery will be.

That way our customers become our brand advocates and without asking they will recommend us to friends, family and colleagues because they were delighted with the service … a big tick in our box.

According to the Institute of Customer Service “A tangible product is only one aspect of the supplier/customer relationship.

The other aspect is service; indeed, in many businesses, there is no physical product. The only relationship is service”

In today’s competitive business environment, the quality of customer service is paramount.

By monitoring the quality of our service we have learned a lot from our customer interactions, which has made us rethink our service and processes.

For us our service quality together with managing our customers expectations will always be a priority.

Yes it is challenging but as a brand who want to create and maintain a good reputation it is an essential part of marketing particularly if you are a local business or supplier, and in competition with the big guys.

We’ve all been there, customer expectations are pretty high these days and there are plenty of competitors to entice them away.

We all say we provide an excellent customer service, but what if you just didn’t on this one occasion for whatever reason ?

Lets face it things do go wrong. As a small business it is now a necessity to encourage customers to leave a review to manage our reputation effectively.

Although it is quick and easy to do not all customers take up the chalice. I must say that I always give feedback or reviews where ever possible.

Are you scared to ask your customers in case you are faced with a negative or nasty review?

Well if they do, thats all fine because it is how you respond to their bad review that could just make all the difference.

The first step is dealing with the customer complaint or low review quickly, if it is on social media for all to see. What is really bothering them, and what were their initial expectations ?

  • low quality service
  • bad user experience
  • low quality product, or not as expected
  • Delivery problems

At Millfield Media  our aim is to regain our customers trust and understand their frustrations in the first place.

A good customer experience is crucial to the success of any business.

When it isn’t delivered, it’s then becomes a problem. However, you can easily turn that negative into positive.

Bad customer service is the first step in turning a negative into a positive 

Customers may be unhappy with the product or the service they have got, but they will leave being satisfied  with the customer service experience and the solution you have provided.

I always thank our customer for their feedback, then validate their experience putting myself in their shoes. Remaining calm throughout, understanding what their frustrations are.

If they’ve experienced a low quality product / service, we would show an understanding of the issue.

Asking  what the customer was expecting is the first port of call

Then explain how im going to ensure it wont happen again. If their complaint is more general I would get as much detail as possible then take the discussion offline and ring to speak to them.

Sometimes it is just a lack of understanding or information. Usually for us it is the delivery or production time has been interpreted wrongly.

We try to supply the correct and appropriate information at the time of ordering.

So what went wrong ? Our customer didn’t get the product delivered on the day she needed it for an exhibition.

Our 3/4 day turnaround didn´t happen because of two bank holidays. We learned from this and adjusted the timescale accordingly.

In all cases, I try to defend my brand publicly and let them know how we plan to resolve the issue.We want to regain their trust and let them know that we value them.

Always apologise and offer them a goodwill gesture ! This could be their money back, a future discount or freebies.

Above all  learn from it and try to ensure it dosent happen again😉

Customer reviews which ones are best for your business ?

The many options available for reviews are growing and it would be unreasonable to ask them to leave a review on all of them.

So, which one is optimum for your business and easiest for your customers ? 

Google My Business allows reviews, comments, and pictures. As a small Business this is an amazing FREE tool,

Why ? because it is Google of course, it can give you a boost in a search for people who are searching in your area for a specific business.

Do you opt for your own website perhaps, and use Trust Pilot ?

Do you use a social site like Twitter which is so fast paced it would be difficult to find (unless you had a review hashtag, perhaps), but the tweets can still be found in search results.

Facebook is now moving up the ranks as the first place potential customers visit although they have retired the star rating system. Now, when your customers want to write a review, they can choose to recommend or not recommend your Page.