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Small Business Branding & Marketing Tips on a budget

Social Media Marketing has changed the way small businesses can get an online presence at a relatively low cost. 

Social Media is is one of the most powerful marketing tools to keep your brand in front of existing and potential customers. 

If you are marketing on a budget there are many things you can do to help your small business get out there.

We at Millfield Media have done all of the ideas listed below and it has helped us grow. 

Small Business Marketing tips

  • First and foremost, register for a Google my Business account, This will help you get on the “map” and enable local people to find you. This is an amazing FREE tool that when optimised properly can see you show up in the maps and help with ranking in the searches. 
  • We offer 1:1 Google My Business Training Masterclass to help you to do this. 
  • Join the Federation of Small Business  (FSB) for their amazing networking events. We go to the Networking events in Newcastle, they are like minded businesses. You also you get a lot of privileges for your membership fee
  • Run a competition or giveaway either on Facebook or Instagram
  • Use your car to advertise your business (Magnet decals that can be taken off)
  • Stickers on your envelopes or packages you send out is a cheap alternative to get your brand seen. 
  • Design a brochure or leaflet to advertise your goods and services. We can offer some cheap alternatives that are good quality but affordable.
  • If you are a beautician or hairdresser, give appointment cards to all your customers with a loyalty discount on the back.
  • Promotional merchandise are a great giveaways if your attending an exhibition, such as mugs, calendars, flyers, stickers, pens
  • Have you thought about entering some awards in your field, or as a SME start up. The FSB and Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start.
  • Register in reputable trade directories (, YELP,)
  • Offer a discount to new customers
  • Radio advertising is quite powerful and not as expensive as you think for local radio stations
  • Blog on your website 
  • Do a flyer drop locally
  • If you have premises put an A- Frame outside your shop to market your special offers or menus. 
  • Social media posts are a great way of advertising to engage your customers and let them see your offers. If you are unsure we can help with Social Media Training and Infographics. 
  • Collaborate with another small business to help each other and enhance your services.
  • Attending Networking events 
  • Go to exhibitions or trade shows
  • Send all correspondence on  business letterheads or compliments slips 
  • Send a postcard as a thank you with the product you have sold
  • Offer FREE samples of your product
  • Have a web presence. Your customers will check your business out on Google first. Even a one page website tells your customers more about you if you are on a budget and starts from £325 with domain name and hosting. If you have a bit more in the budget a 5 page brochure website is £575. 
  • Ask for recommendations’ from customers on LinkedIn, Facebook or your website
  • Create posters if you have a shop to put on your windows
  • Enrol for FREE training with local partners who have obtained European Funding such as Business Northumberland. They help businesses grow providing workshops, online training and networking events to help 
  • Create memorable business cards to leave a lasting impression 

Social Media Marketing is ideal if you are Marketing on a budget.


If you would like help or advice with any printing or design needs, social media training delivered on zoom please get in touch 

7 Best Business Card colours and their meanings

Business Cards that will get you noticed

How many different types of business cards have you had since your career started ?

At Millfield Media Print and Design we change our cards on a regular basis which is understandable because of the industry we are in.

Showcasing different business card paper is a must for us, as there are so many options for business card printing because of the different finishes and quality of paper.

Different colours react with different designs and paper types.

Your business card is a talking point and an important stepping stone to a potential client or collaborate.

Whether you are a business owner, an entrepreneur or starting a new job/career it’s a very important choice.

You have to remember it’s a first impression of who you are and the brand that you represent.

Creating an amazing business card is not as easy as you think.

Sometimes, you simply haven´t got the time which is why Graphic Design is integral to the process and a Designer can help you bring out your ideas.

Think to yourself how many business cards you have been given. 

How many have actually stood out and been memorable for whatever reason ?

Hold that thought ! Did you feel  “ooh this looks and feels fantastic”, and if not why not ?

If your card looks just like everyone else’s card, then chances are you have probably failed and you’re in the bin too.

So, in our opinion it is worth the time and effort to create an amazing Business Card Design.

Business Cards design that will get people talking 

Thinking about the colour, design and the texture will ensure you have a talking point that will catch people’s eyes, grab their attention and create a talking point.

Images are also a good way to get noticed, either a photo or an illustration or design if that’s your line of work.

Although white is standard, safe and used by many to fit into their business stationery and is an easy option. This is fine but to stand out choose a logo and colour for your brand that will distinguish you from all the others in your field.

Black and White signifies importance. Nike, BMW, Apple, Disney and Harley Davidson are the brand leaders in this field.

Do you want to make an amazing impression and to stand out from the crowd ?

Then we suggest that you try something really special and strengthen your brand credibility by adding silver or gold foiling or a Spot UV to your card which will give a wow factor and create a talking point.

Deciding where you put your logo is an crucial and another element to consider is the white space which is linked to sophistication .. less is more.

Business Card colours – what do they mean ?

Red is bold, daring and exciting so the market leaders that spring to mind are Virgin, Lego, Coca-cola, Nintendo, Red Bull.

Orange is confident, friendly and warm you think Fanta, MasterCard.

Blue is the signifies reliability, peaceful, confidence, and trust. NHS, Facebook, Twitter, Intel and Skype spring to mind as the leaders in this field.

Pink is usually for feminine, symbolising sensitivity and love.. Barbie and Victoria´s secret are brands that use pink

Yellow is sunshine, bright, happy and cheerful – Mcdonalds, Ikea, Post-it, Shell and Snapchat are a few that have opted for this colour.

Green represents balance, growth and nature. BP, Holiday Inn for example.

Purple cards suggest imagination, dreams and spirituality. People from the holistic sector usually prefer this colour. Cadbury and Hallmark are brands that spring to mind for this colour choice.

Now think about the shape, everyone has a rectangle, standard UK business card sizes are 55 x 85 , why? because they fit into a purse or wallet easily, but you want to be different right ?

Although Standard business card sizes tend to be a bit cheaper why not think about dye cut, square or mini business cards which will bring a different element to your design?

The shape of your business card should complement your brand and your business card maker can help you to achieve this.

Every detail from fonts/typography, which includes spacing between letters are an important factor to consider, do you go funky, traditional or elegant? Again, think of the message and your brand and choose wisely to compliment this.

Make sure the contact details are there relaying your key message, less is more.

They should be easy for people to contact you. Proof read all the time to check for spelling, phone numbers etc and then save in a format that is compatible for your printer.

Choosing the right colour for your business card then combining with a specific paper choice can mean you either stand out from the crowd or your card will just be put in a drawer and forgotten about.

We suggest you go for something different, perhaps a gloss, Spot UV or perhaps a decadent Foil finish,

Now you have got your colour and paper choice sorted … think about the shape !

Everyone has a rectangle business card because it is the standard size, why ? because they fit into a purse or wallet easily.

Standard business card sizes tend to be a bit cheaper why not think about dye cut, square or mini business cards which will bring a different element to your design ?

The shape and style of your business card should complement your brand.

Every detail from fonts/typography, which includes spacing between letters are an important factor to consider.

Do you go funky, traditional or elegant ? Again think of the message and your brand and choose wisely to compliment this.

Making sure all your contact details are there relaying your key message.

Proof read your Business Card all the time to check for spelling, phone numbers etc and then save in a format that is compatible for your printer.

So to recap, choose the right colour to compliment your brand, combine with a specific paper finish and shape to help you stand out from the crowd.

Millfield Media have a 5* customer service reputation for business card printing in Northumberland, offering a wide range of solutions, finishes and prices.

Whether you’re looking for business cards on a budget or premium quality business cards, Millfield Media can design and print a business card to suit your needs or budget.

We are happy to take on any project, regardless of size, so whether you need 100 business cards or 10,000 business cards, we will be more than happy to help.

If you are in search of cheap business cards in Northumberland or any part of the UK it is FREE delivery . We offer Small Business a branding offer. So if you are looking for cost-effective advertising and want to make a excellent first impression contact us now for a quote 

Why not order one of our business card sample pack to help you decide. Or contact me for a discussion direct on

Colours for Business Cards

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